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ProvOnline Newsletter 002 - August 2010

This is the first newsletter which will  be sent to all dues paying shipmates, via email and for those shipmates without access to a computer, a hard copy will be sent twice each year.
SAN DIEGO REUNION – Wednesday, October 6 through Sunday, October 10
David Abdouch and Larry Smock have worked very hard to bring you a great reunion this fall.  Enclosed, in this newsletter is a reunion enrollment form for the various activities and a tentative Plan of the Day.  We look forward to a great time of fellowship and camaraderie.
Sam Villa has dedicated many hours in keeping the website fresh and alive with new information about the PROVIDENCE and Navy web links.   Check out the new items:

Command history 1967, 1968, 1972
Cruise books for 67-68 and 70-72
Jolly Roger,  Spook, Privateer (monthly shipboard publications)
 Navy Unit Commendations  for CLG-6  1966, 1972,SSN-719
CL-82 baseball team, CLG-6 Drill Team, CL-82 picture of keel laying in Fore River Shipyard
NTC San Diego, CLG-6 pounding the Do Son Peninsula
1972 Carl Dustin, the Bald Coyote, Library of Congress interview

Coming soon will be photos of the SSN PROVIDENCE on patrol, under the ice at the North Pole, as well as shipboard photos.

Another new feature this year is “sick call”.   We ask that you keep our ailing shipmates and/or their wives in your thoughts and prayers.   If you are aware of any shipmate or relative who is sick, contact Sam for inclusion on the website.  Also,  and  unfortunately, as a result of our membership drive, we have discovered a large number of shipmates that have passed during this past 15 years.  We were not aware of this, and it is a sad commentary to see soooo many fellow shipmates that are serving in another capacity.   These shipmates are recognized with a waving flag on the memorial page on the website.   In addition, they will be recognized in San Diego during the Memorial Service on Mt. Soladad.
Jim Cozine dedicated many, many hours attempting to contact our missing shipmates through various search methods, which included old Privateers, veteran’s organizations, computer white pages, officer listings, etc.   To date we have increased our contact list to 891 shipmates, but at present, we only have 187 dues paying members.   (126 members 4/30/08, 162 members 4/30/09)  This is an increase of almost 50% in the past 2 years.    However, this issue remains a problem for the long term viability of our organization.   The past few reunions have witnessed a small attendance in response to the enormous effort brought forth to provide a meaningful and sharing event.   I urge you to contact anyone you  have served with, and encourage them to attend the San Diego reunion and become an active member of the USS PROVIDENCE Association.   Otherwise we may be forced  into website maintenance and perhaps joining up with another group such as the USS OKLAHOMA CITY or the USNCSA (US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association).   Time and participation will tell this Fall.

We have attempted to enjoin members of the SSN PROVIDENCE via their facebook page on the WWW.   I have been in contact with a few shipmates who may attend the San Diego reunion.  Currently they have 273 members on their facebook page, with many entries, photos and shipboard stores.    Sam and I are working to put some of this info on our website. 
We continue to receive momentos for placement in the PROVIDENCE display case in the “Cruiser Memorial Room”, on board the USS LITTLE ROCK CLG-4, at the Buffalo Naval Park.   In the previous newsletter, I listed the shipmates who donated items or funds for this preservation effort.   Since that time we have received the following items, which will be dedicated before the end of summer.                                                  
Navy Day, 1945 program ,   CL-82 menu, 1st day in commission 1945, commissioning program CL-82, May 15, 1945, donated by James and Shelia Liles.

CLG-6 silver belt buckle. – anonymous
Photo of Marines at “parade rest” 1946 – donated by Floyd Hamann
Cash donations: Larry J. Rigg,  John A. Greathouse,   Gerald P. Brent,  Allan J. Connelly,  Steven L. Craig,  Clyde Mason, Arthur Cheek

A number of shipmates are bringing additional, donated items to the San Diego reunion.    If you cannot attend the reunion, please forward these items to me at the below address, so I may install them in the display case.
As always, please contact me if you have any questions or problems,

Jim Chryst,
34 Snyder Hollow Rd,
New Providence, Pa.   17560

Smooth seas and fair winds 
Semper Fi

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Correspondence from shipmate to Jim Cozine, during his membership drive.

Dear Mr. Cozine,         I came across you email address in the USS PROVDIENCE website and noted that you were attempting to locate all former crew members of the PROVIDENCE.  My father, Thomas Weir Johnston, LTJG served on the PROVIDENCE during its initial shakedown cruise in 1945 and served on her through 1947.  My father passed away in 1992 but I do believe that he attended the second reunion of the PROVIDENCE in Sarasota Florida in 1990.  Anyway, I have an original copy of my father’s notice of separation from the Naval Service showing his service on the PROVIDENCE.

Signed    Christopher C. Johnston, Lafayette, Louisiana     225-763-1244

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Year 2010 Reunion


Shipmates, families and friends; (15th Reunion)

Mark your calendars for October 6 to October 10, 2010 for the next
Reunion in San Diego, California, Below is a confirmed plan of the day
For the four (4) days. There are still a number of details to be coordinated, but the basic plan is in place.

The cost, on a per night basis for the room will be $123 which includes tax, at the Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside, 4875 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, and the hotel (map) is across the bay from North Island.  Arrangements will be made with the hotel for complimentary shuttles to/from local area tourist/shopping sites, including the San Diego airport.

(Don't get confused on location....this Holiday Inn is located near Nimitz Blvd...see map)

Wednesday, October 6 – Arrival - Hospitality suite opens at noon for registration with a welcome reception between 5 and 6 p.m.
Thursday, October 7 – Breakfast will be on your own. 
Bus departs to Mt. Soledad for memorial services, then return to hotel for barbeque lunch (hot dogs/hamburgers, drinks and fun) between 1 p.m. and
3 p.m.  Dinner will be on your own.

Friday, October 8 – Breakfast will be on your own.
Bus departs to Midway Ship for tour and this trip includes a lunch aboard the ship. Dinner will be on your own.

Saturday, October 9 – The morning/early afternoon is on your own.  We’re planning on a Hawaiian luau dinner – no formal dressing - this will be casual.  Photos will still be taken for the reunion book prior to the luau and photos should start about 5 p.m. with dinner starting at approximately 6 p.m.

Sunday, October 10 – Farewell breakfast and departure.

The hotel will honor the same rate per night for three (3) nights prior to October 6 and three night’s post October 10 – if anyone is interested to stay longer in the San Diego area.  Costs for tours and timeframes are still being developed with the hotel and as soon as we receive the information, we will notify all of you.
Reunion Coordinators

David Abdouch                                           
127 Amberwood Dr                                                       
Walnut, Calif    91789                                    

Larry Smock
P.O. Box 611
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 972-0463                                                                                                                      

2010 .....SAN DIEGO REUNION your events and mail your check & this form to address below

Name Phone No.  
Spouse/Guest(s) Date of Service  
Address(Please Print) Division  
Events Listing:
(All prices below are per person)
    Cost # Persons Total
Wednesday, October 6th: Registration Fee - This includes hospitality suite, snacks, entertainment, administraction cost and event expenses.        $35.00
The Hotel will be sponsoring a reception between 5 - 6 PM in the hospitality suite       No Cost
Thursday, October 7th: Bus departs from hotel to Mt. Soledad for Memorial Services, return to hotel for Western Barbeque    $40.00 x    
Friday, October 8th: Bus departs to USS Midway for tour and lunch. Lunch will consist of sandwich, chips, cookie and drink, please indicate type and number of sandwich below.    $36.00 x    
Roast Beef sandwich # ____________Turkey sandwich # _____________        
Saturday, October 9th: Hawaii Luau, Photo and fun (dress well be casual)    $45.00 x    
Sunday, October 10th: Farewell breakfast (Create your own Omelette Delight)    $25.00 x    
Emergency Contact Information
Name, Phone #, other      
Are you planning on staying at the Holiday Inn, San Diego? one)
  127 AMBERWOOD DR        
  WALNUT, CALIFORNIA 91789        
PHONE CONTACT FOR DAVID ABDOUCH.......HOME: 909-594-9273.........CELL909-573-6227


From the Ship's Log

Thursday 01/28/2010 6:25:22pm


Lou Meier


Date on Prov:

68 -70


3rd. Div and F Div. / Lt.(jg)


1405 N. Yale Blvd.
Richardson, TX 75081




Time has washed away memories of the things I used to complain about during my tour of duty and left only fond memories of great shipmates and lifelong friends. I consider myself very fortunate to have been assigned to the USS Providence. I believe the sailors, mostly under the age of 20, proformed honorably and professionally to achieve our war time objective.
So when my wife asks me why men are so nostalgic about their service, I explain that we stepped up. We were part of something larger than ourselves and we proformed outstandingly. As young men we accepted responsibilities more important than those shouldered by our high school buddies who did not serve. At a time when military service was not popular I was proud to serve. I'm still proud of me service on the USS Providence and the shipmates I've served with.
I'm retired now and live far from the ocean, but I have sailed in many of the world’s oceans. I hope to see some of my old shipmates at the San Diego reunion.



RECOLLECTIONS of a shipmate.   By The Bald Coyote, Carl Dustin

It’s sad that two of my best shipmates have both died last spring.   Rex Turner FC1/c is in our website sitting in the FC Shop smoking a cigar he actually did not smoke.   We worked together as a team on the quad 40MMS.   I think his GQ was with the damage control gang.  Rex came to the CL-82 reunion in San Diego several years ago.
I have a very clear memory of an incident with Rex.   He was much smarter than I as he served on a CVE before CL-82, whereas I came off a destroyer escort.
I met Rex while attending advanced fire control school in Washington D.C.   One day at sea we got a work order to check on a quad 40MM on the starboard wide main deck.   We suspected salt spray had shorted out the solenoid.   The quads had 440 volts, so we told a S1/c striker to go below, turn off and tag the 40MM electrical switch.   The deck as wet and for some reason I decided to go below (6 decks) just to see if the guy pulled the right switch, as a 440 volt charge on a wet deck will fry you to meet Davey Jones!   He had pulled the wrong switch, so you can imagine the hell we gave the poor guy, but I am alive to tell this story.
My other deceased shipmate friend Donald Lyons RM1/c died last May.   His hangout was the radio room, across the space from my fire control “shop” (I actually slept there…nice and peaceful).   The guys in the radio shack played lots of big band music and Don didn’t know how to dance, so I taught him right in the radio shack.   Don and I emailed each other often.   He attended our reunion in Las Vegas.
Because CL-82 missed the big war we had it easy and the officers were great guys and treated us with respect.  
Providence was a happy ship. 

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\HiLineProvidence702467.jpg                             C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\Providence patch 1.jpg

While working as a hospital chaplain recently, I encountered with a middle aged patient on the orthopedic floor, in bed with both legs broken.  Despite his situation, he had a smile on his face and when I inquired about his legs, he opened up completely!  He had moved to Maine to live in a small rural community and it was there, while helping a neighbor repair a roof, that he fell off and fractured both legs.  He remained very pleased that he had helped his neighbor, despite his broken legs, after all that’s why he moved here so he could work in community.  I was pleased for him that he had such a positive attitude!

A couple of weeks went by and when I saw him again, he was crying.  So, I inquired and he told me a great story!  He knew that he had a barn roof to repair before winter set in and lo and behold, his neighbors showed up and his barn roof is completely repaired and ready for winter!  He was crying with joy, but never expected to be on the receiving end of what community is all about, but he was learning. One of the benefits of small community life in rural Maine is that the community takes its responsibilities seriously.  If we all could depend on our neighbors in that way, we would in essence create the kingdom of God on earth.

Lastly, we are great givers in life and not so great receivers!  Giving and receiving in a small community is something special. Would it, that we could all experience such!  It’s one of our better examples of the love of God.
Dr. Harry Bennert, Ship’s Chaplain

Message from your Webmaster:  
Sam Villa
P.O. Box 161182
San Diego, CA 92176

The USS Providence Website is still running strong since its beginning on January 21, 1999. It is a pleasure and an honor to be your webmaster. The website continues to bring shipmates together as we are discovered on the World Wide Web.

A special thank you to all who are able to help support our Providence Association through your membership.

"This web site is dedicated to all the families,  friends and the crew members present and past  who served aboard the ships named Providence. It is a tribute to the devotion to duty and tireless efforts of those who served aboard her in peace and war.  May we never forget the spirit of Providence and those who stand vigilant and strong, always ready to protect and defend our country.

Today our military is called to action again and I am proud of the men and women going in harms way to defend our country. God Bless America and Godspeed to our troops."

Sam Villa

Website created January 21, 1999

As always wishing you all the best


Membership Form 2010


Mailing Address

City - State

Telephone #

Email address

Years aboard  
CL82 or CLG6  
Yearly Dues ($25) $
Additional Contribution for
Display Case

Make your check out to:
"Providence Association"
c/o Bill McCubbin
3444 Senour Road
Independence, KY 41051
Thank you in advance for your support.

Print out this form, fill it out and send it to above address.







Commissioning Day



Providence at the North Pole


Thank you to the following members who have helped keep the Providence Association in good standing.


Abdouch, David 2009 2010      
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Anderson, Gary          
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