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photo submitted by Dr. C. O. Bateson
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high speed approach CLG6 - Weapon's Department - 1961

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Providence goes through the Panama Canal
Richard Haas photo - Click on Photo to Enlarge

Click here to see another great photo. This is a nice closeup of the Missile House.
Michael J. McGeeney (thanks Mike)

Click here for PROVIDENCE AT THE ROSE FESTIVAL IN JUNE 1966 (Portland, Oregon)

Click here Providence approaching USS Boston CAG-1 off the coast of Vietnam - August 15, 1968
Michael J. McGeeney (thanks Mike)

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Providence tied up at Pier Juliet at Naval Air
Station San Diego. Those were the days when
there was a Commander First Fleet.

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Galveston and Prov...1963 Westpac

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Robert Schuster shares his photo of picnic at
North Island, San Diego in 1969.

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Providence entering Yokosuka, Japan
Subic Bay



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d. A place to show your family and relatives about Providence through the online cruise books, shipmate photos, archival data and images and personal seastories from the men that sailed aboard Providence.

e. The Providence Website acts as Dynamic Newsletter online that updates current information frequently and does not have the limits of the mail. Check site often.

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Al Roeder and Box'n Craft
Al Roeder and Bos'n Craft


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Keel Laying USS Providence CL82
July 27, 1943



"DUE NOW---2017 ASSN. DUES"high speed approach

Name  Hull # Years  Division Rank Donation Plank Dues paid 
            Owner thru date
Abdouch, David CLG-6 66-68 1ST BM-3 YES   2018
Altree, John W CLG-6 67-70 X YN-3 YES   2017
Ammend, Richard CLG-6 66-68 1ST SN YES   2017
Arion, Ellsworth E. CLG-6 66-69   CWO-2     2016
Armstrong, John D CLG-6 61-62 FLAG CTR-1 YES   2017
Armstrong, John W CLG-6 69 B BT1/BTC     2017
Armstrong, Ray L CL-82 46-47 A MM-3 YES   2018
Arnold, David CLG-6 67-68 1st SN YES   2023
Baden, Joseph CLG-6 71-72 M LTJG YES   2018
Bailey, Richard CLG-6 68-71 OI RD-3     2018
Barbookles, James CLG-6       YES   2020
Barnett, Robert CLG-6   B MM-2 YES   2017
Barnicle, Daniel CL-82 46-48 MARDET   YES   2018
Barrett, Steve CLG-6 71-72 H HM-2     2016
Batchelder, Richard  CLG-6 66-69 G LTJG     2016
Bechtold, Robert CLG-6 65-68 B BT-2     2019
Becker, Robert CLG-6     SN YES   2014
Beidelman, Ray CLG-6 66-68   YNSN YES   2022
Belcher, Dennis CLG-6   X PN-2   YES  2014
Belvin, Houston CLG-6 65-68 R FN YES   2016
Bennert, Harry CLG-6 67-69 H LCDR YES   2018
Berger, Robert CLG-6 60-62 OR RM-2     2016
Blackson, Marc CLG-6 70-73 OI RD-3 YES   2018
Boyce, Harvey W. CLG-6 70 FLAG LT YES   2017
Boyd, Henry Allen CLG-6 59-62 SUPPLY DK-3 YES YES  2019
Bozeman, George CLG-6 62-65 E EM-2 YES   2018
Bredderman, Rudolf CLG-6 59-61 2nd   LT YES  2018
Brent, Gerald CLG-6 69-72 N LCDR     2016
Brinza, Anthony CLG-6           2017
Brown, Larry CLG-6 59 B BT-3 YES YES  2015
Brown, Walter CLG-6 66-70 R SFM-2     2017
Bruckman, Thomas CLG-6 70-72   RM-3 YES   2016
Bunn, John CLG-6 70-73 OE   YES   2016
Burge, Jr., David CLG-6 68-69 SUPPLY LTJG YES   2020
Name  Hull # Years  Division Rank Donation Plank Dues paid 
            Owner thru date
Butler, John J. CLG-6 59-63 1ST/OE ETR-3 YES YES  2018
Canfield, Al CLG-6 68-69 X CWO-4     2017
Cappa, Ron CLG-6 68-73 B BT-2 YES   2018
Carnegie, Colin CLG-6 59-62 6TH GS-3 YES   2017
Cester, Donald R. CLG-6 66-69 N QM-3      
Chacon, William CLG-6 68-69   BM-3     2015
Chambers, Ken CLG-6 70-73 A FN     2019
Chase, Alan B CLG-6 68 E ENSN YES   2018
Cheek, Arthur CL-82 47-49 MARDET    YES   2017
Cheever, Gary CLG-6 70-73 1st & X SN     2018
Chryst, Jim CLG-6 66-69 2nd & X YN-2 YES   2025
Clark, Keith  CLG-6   OI  RD-3     2016
Clark, Paul CLG-6 70-72 OI RD-2     2017
Coleman, Sr. , Milton CLG-6   FLAG       2013
Collier, Bob CLG-6 71-71 SUPPLY SK-3     2017
Connelly, Allan CLG-6   OL BM-3 YES   2017
Cook, Michael CLG-6 65-66   FTCS     2013
Cook, Ronald CLG-6 61-63 OI RDSN     2017
Cosgrove, (Hank) CLG-6 63-64 S-3 SHB-3     2017
Cotter,Paul CLG-6 66-68 1st & FM LTJG YES   2016
Cox, William CLG-6   A LTJG YES   2017
Cozine, Jim CLG-6 61-63 N/1st/3rd LTJG YES   2025
Craig, Steven CLG-6 67-69     YES   2017
Crater, Donald CLG-6           2017
Crawford,Gerald CLG-6 66-70 E IC-2     2018
Crossman, Richard CLG-6 68-69 CS SM-2     2016
Culley, (Randy) CLG-6 69-71 OPS LTJG     2017
Davis, Dan CLG-6   MARDET       2017
Dee, Joseph CL-82 46-48 3rd SN 1/c     2017
De Nure, Bill CLG-6 66-69 X YN-2 YES   2018
Diemand,Kim CLG-6 72-73 MARDET LCPL YES   2020
Dillon, Paul CLG-6   FLAG/CR   YES   2015
Dorman, Dale CLG-6 65-70   RM-3 YES   2017
Doxtator,Carl CLG-6 66-70 R DC-2     2021
Duncan, Freddie CLG-6     FN     2014
Dutcher, David CLG-6 68-71 ENG LT     2016
Edwards,Robert CLG-6 62-64 OC RM-3 YES   2014
Eggersdorfer, Tim CLG-6           2016
Ellis,Lloyd CL-82 45-46 G S/2C YES YES  2016
Erdner, Tom CLG-6 70-72 OI RD-2 YES   2016
Franclemont, David CLG-6 67-70 3rd BMSN     2017
Franklin, G. Wayne CLG-6     RM-3     2017
George, Joseph H CLG-6   3rd       2018
Gibbs, George CLG-6 62-64 N       2015
Giesse, Philip CLG-6   E EMCS YES   2018
Name  Hull # Years  Division Rank Donation Plank Dues paid 
            Owner thru date
Goodworth, Ronald CLG-6 1968 FLAG CYN3     2017
Grayton, Abraham CLG-6 59-62 B BT-3   YES  2019
Greathouse,John CLG-6           2017
Greenwalt, Bill CLG-6 66-68 X YN-3     2017
Grieser, Robert CLG-6 67-70 R DC-2 YES    2017
Grindle, Robert CLG-6 66-68 FLAG MU-3     2017
Haas, Richard CLG-6 59 6th & X LT     2016
Hall, Frederick CL-82 48-49         2015
Hall,Louis CLG-6 69-71 A FN     2014
Hambleton, Duane CLG-6 59-60 E IC-2   YES  2017
Hargraves,Bruce CLG-6 61-65 1st & 3rd BM-3     2019
Hayes, Sam CLG-6 66-68     YES   2017
Hays, Phil CLG-6 1966-69          2017
Hayter, Edwin CLG-6 69-70 X YN-3     2016
Hennessy, James CLG-6 61-63 S-2 CS-3     2017
Hicks, Laurence M. CLG-6 65-68 2nd BM-3     2017
Hocking, Fred CLG-6 61-62 F FTM-2 YES   2017
Hoffert, Thomas CLG-6 68-70 OL BM-3     2016
Hollyfield, Amy CLG-6 Associate     YES   2017
Hulette, Paul CLG-6     LT YES   2015
Hulyo, Ted CLG-6 59 N QM-2 YES YES  2017
Hunt, Robert CLG-6       YES    2016
Jaeger, George CLG-6 63-65 MARDET PFC     2017
Johnson, Creighton CLG-6 65-67 S-1 LCDR YES   2020
Johnson, Dave CLG-6 66-68   EM-2     2016
Johnson, Delbert D. CLG-6           2018
Johnson, John J CLG-6     OI     2015
Kennard, John CLG-6  71-73 DENTAL LT     2016
Kiss, J.T.(Ted) CLG-6 62-65 B LTJG YES   2013
Kitchens, Kyle CLG-6 67-68   IC-2     2016
Koelmel, James CLG-6 68-70 X - PAO LTJG     2017
Kurtz, Larrry CLG-6 68-71 FM FTM-1     2018
Lauritzen, Jack CLG-6 60-64 3rd BM-3     2014
Lee, Pat CLG-6 66-69 ENG YNSN     2015
Lewkz, Mark CLG-6           2016
LoBue, Sam CLG-6 1965-67 FTG-2       2017
Long, James CL-82 45-46     Yes YES  2020
Louviere, Chris CLG-6 67-69 1st  SN     2014
Lowe, James T(Niski) CLG-6 68-70 WEPS LT     2017
Lung, Charles(Bud) CLG-6 66-67 OE       2020
Luszcz, Joseph CLG-6 66-68 X YN-2/YNC     2018
Lyne, Christopher CLG-6 68-69         2016
Lyon, Herb CL-82 46 1st S/2C YES   2018
Lyon, Ken CL82 45-46       YES  2016
Macbride, John CLG-6 61-64 X LI-3     2017
MacLeod, Sam             2018
Macfeeley, William CLG-6 70-72 R HT-3 YES   2019
Mahaffey, Charles CLG-6 66-69 FLAG/CR CYN-3 YES   2017
Name  HULL # Years  Division Rank Donation Plank Dues paid 
            Owner thru date
Mahar, Thomas CL-82 46-48         2018
Mangiapane, Russ CLG-6 66-69 EM-2 YES   2018
Manning, Leslie CLG-6   S-3 SHL-3 YES   2017
Mapes, Barry CLG-6   3rd BM-3     2018
Markiewicz, Joseph CLG-6 66-69 CR RM-3     2016
Markowski, Joseph CL-82 46 F       2018
Martell, James CLG-6 65-67 F FMM-3     2017
Mason, Clyde G. CLG-6   FLAG/CR RM-2     2015
McAleer, David CLG-6 70-72 OI RD-2     2016
McBryde, Walter G. Jr. CLG-6 65-69   FTG-2     2017
McCubbin, Bill CLG-6 59-64 1st/2nd/3rd BM-3 YES YES  2025
McGough, Patrick CL-82 48-49 CR RM-3     2017
McMillian, Deane CLG-6 61-63 OR SN YES   2014
McNally, Patrick CLG-6     FN     2018
McVeigh, Michael CLG-6 66-68 OI JG/CAPT YES   2017
McWethy, Robert  CLG-6 69-71 CO CAPT YES   2017
Meier, Lou CLG-6   3rd & FTG LTJG YES   2018
Miller, Kenneth CLG-6 59-61 X PN-2     2016
Montgomery, Todd CLG-6   ENG LTJG     2018
Moore, James L. CLG-6 60-64 OE ETR2 YES   2017
Murat, Joseph C CL-82 46-47 MARDET CPL YES   2017
Muzio, Victor CLG-6 61-64 A MR-1 YES   2018
Myers, Bill CLG-6 62-65 6th    LTJG YES   2017
Nordgren, Don CLG-6           2016
Oblasney, Frank CL-82 48-49 X YN-3 YES   2018
Oliver, Earl  CLG-6 66-68 OE CDR YES    2020
O'Malley, Patrick CLG-6 68-70 IC-2     2017
Osredkar,(Tony) CLG-6 Associate USMC       2017
Osredkar, Florian CLG-6 66-70 FM FTM-3 YES   2017
Pagliaro, Kenneth CLG-6 66-69 FM YN-3 YES   2016
Pagliaro, Ronald CLG-6 66-70 A MM-3  YES   2018
Penny, Robert CLG-6 70-73 E   YES   2019
Perno, Francis A. CLG-6 64-66 B BT-3     2019
Pettit, John T. CLG-6 66-69 MARDET L/CPL YES   2017
Pierce, James CLG-6   OI RD-3 YES   2017
Pilger,Allan CLG-6 65-69         2016
Prai, Charles CLG-6 59-63 S-2 DK-3   YES  2016
Prinsen, Edwin CLG-6 68-73 FM FTM-3     2017
Pryor, Roger CLG-6   R LTJG     2020
Quarry, John CL-82 45-46 F   YES YES  2017
Rea, Roland CLG-6 73 2nd SN     2017
Rigg, Larry CLG-6   FLAG LTJG     2017
Robinson, Ramon  CL-82 45-46 MARDET L/CPL YES YES  2018
Roeder, Richard CLG-6 59-62   LTJG   YES  2016
Rogers, Eugene CL-82 46-48     YES   2015
Rudder, Lawrence CL-82 45-46   SM-3   YES  2015
Sanders, Vernon R CL-82 45-46 1st SN 1/c   YES  2016
Sarno, George CLG-6 66-69 X LI-3 YES   2017
Saylor, Robert CLG-6 59-60 6th GMT-3 YES YES  2018
Name  Hull # Years  Division Rank Donation Plank Dues paid 
            Owner thru date
Schetrompf, Blair CL-82 49         2015
Schmidt, Allen CLG-6 66-67 E SN     2019
Schreier,Edward CLG-6 68-69   ET-3     2018
Serra, H. Lawrence CLG-6 67-68 N & 2nd LTJG YES   2019
Shanks, John CLG-6       YES YES  2016
Smith, Cromwell CL-82 45-46   RD-3 YES YES  2018
Smock, Larry CLG-6 66-70 OI RD-2 YES   2015
Snodgrass, Redgie CLG-6 62-64 FLAG/CR RM-2     2016
Sobotka, Pat CLG-6 64-66 2nd & M FN     2015
Spencer, Charles CLG-6 64-65 OI ET2     2018
Steenburg, Charles CLG-6 60-61 4th & F MT-3 YES   2017
Stephens,Robert CLG-6 65-67 X JO-3     2017
Stubits, Joseph CL-82   M   YES   2019
Sullivan, Charles CLG-6 59-61 MARDET CPL YES   2017
Sutton, Robert CLG-6           2018
Sutton, Ronald CLG-6 67-69 N QM-3     2017
Tamarra, Randy CLG-6 62-64 MARDET CPL     2016
Taylor, Terry CLG-6 66-69 OI RD-3     2017
Taylor, Bruce CLG-6 66-69 ENG LCDR YES   2017
Thompson,,A. Keith CLG-6 61-62 MARDET 2nd LT     2017
Tlumach, Hilary M. CLG-6 59 OL YN-2     2021
Trolinger, John S CLG-6 64-66 OI CWO-3     2016
Trosper,Harold CLG-6 67-69 H HM-2     2018
Troutman, Dwight CLG-6 66-69 ENG YN-3     2020
Troutman, Victor CLG-6 62-64 CR   YES   2019
Trujillo, George CLG-6 69-70 B       2017
Uribe,Albert CLG-6 65-68 M       2016
Utterback, Kent CLG-6 71-72 CS SM-3     2018
Valade, Larry CLG-6 59-61 F LT YES   2016
Varela, John CLG-6 63-65 OR RM-2     2015
Vautour, Arthur CLG-6 66-69 FM FTG-2 YES   2020
Villa, Sam CLG-6 68-72 FM FTM-3 YES   2025
Viruet, Tom CLG-6 66-69 1st BM-3     2018
Voelker, Rodney CLG-6           2017
Walters, John             2018
Ward,David F CLG-6 68-71 1st/3rd LTJG     2016
Waterman, Robbie CLG-6           2017
Wegener, John CLG-6 65-68 A MR-2 YES   2019
Weichold, Clarence CLG-6 59-66 1 st BM-1  YES YES  2018
Wein, Robert CLG-6           2017
Weightman, Fawn CL-82   2ND   YES   2017
West, Tom CLG-6   A & B     YES  2016
Wilkeson, Wayne A. CLG-6 1960-62 OE ETR2     2018
Williams, J. R. CLG-6   3rd & X SN YES   2016
Williamson, James C. CLG-6 59-61 MARDET     YES  2017
Winters, Ronnie CLG-6 66-70 T       2016
Witherspoon, Rex CL-82 46-47 H LTJG-DC YES   2018
Woody, Gene CLG-6 62-64 CR RMSN     2017
Wright, Kenneth CLG-6 63-68 E EM-1 YES   2018
Wulff, Gilbert CLG-6 70-72 M MMFN YES   2017
Wulff, William CLG-6 65-69 OI YN-3 YES   2017
Yeatts, Gary CLG-6 62-64         2016
Yeutter, Philip CLG-6 71-73 ENG LCDR/CAPT YES   2015
Yohanan, Robert CLG-6 62-64 1st & R LTJG YES   2017
Zapotoczny, Stanley CL-82 45-47 B WT-2 YES YES  2017
Ziegler, Philip CLG-6 66-68 F LTJG YES   2017
Zweber, Richard CLG-6 66-69 OI YN-2 YES   2017


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Marine Detachment Leaders in early 1962…from left to right
Capt. H.A. MacDonald, 1st Lt.  A. Keith Thompson, 1st Sgt. Towery and GySgt. Mills