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The Providence Website does its best to make the website as user friendly as possible and pledges to maintain a high standard so that one can be proud to share the pages with all members of the family.

The purpose of the Providence Website include:

...a place to share the history of Providence
...a place to find other shipmates
...a place to provide information on future reunions
...a place to share past experiences aboard Providence
...a place to meet old friends and make new ones
...a place to honor our shipmates
...a place for Remembrance
...a place to show our Patriotism
...a place to support our Military past and present
...a place for friendship
...all monies raised through membership and other go only to perpetuate
..........the USS Providence Association.

A link placed on your site to the USS Providence Association is very much welcomed in most cases but please request permission by email.

Here is our Dedication:


This web site is dedicated to all the families, friends and the crew members present and past who served aboard the ship named Providence. It is a tribute to the devotion to duty and tireless efforts of those who served aboard her in peace and war. May we never forget the spirit of Providence and those who stand vigilant and strong, always ready to protect and defend our country.

Today our military is called to action again and I am proud of the men and women going in harms way to defend our country. God Bless America and God bless our military.

Sam Villa

Website created January 21, 1999

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