Carroll R. Bobb (IFDS - Civilian Tech Rep.)
July 1970 - 72

Dear  Mr Harribine,
This is Carrolls oldest son Sean writing this. Mr Harrbine, it is with great sadness to inform you that my dad has succumbed to the lord on the 6th of December.
Dad passed away in  the morning hours, here at  his house. We believe that dad had a massive heart attack and died instantly. Mr Harrbine, my dad talked of you alot and really appreciated your friendship with him.
I am keeping his email the same and will be periodically checking it. If you go to Scoedinger Funeral, you can read dad's obituary and also , if you want to, write a statement to him. Thank you sir and as alway........ Carry On,.....
Sean M. Bobb
Name: Carroll R. Bobb
Date on Providence: July 1970- 1972
Division/Rate: Civilian Tech Rep IFDS
Mailing Address: 3820 Headleys Mill Rd
Pataskala, OH 43062-8681
Phone: (740)927-0603
Comments: Came aboard at Hunters Point for installation of integrated computer center. (IFDS) Deployed to WESTPAC two weeks before Providence.
I'm the only civilian I'm aware of that was assigned to the ship.



Carroll and I had many communications about the old days aboard Providence. I remember seeing him on the Missile House when they were first installing the IFDS system on the ship. He spent so much time on Providence that I accepted him as an honorary sailor.

I know that he was totally disabled for sometime but whenever we spoke of Providence his spirit always lifted.

I am proud to place him in our Providence Memorial with all those who served our country. He is in good company.

Fair winds with following seas,

Sam Villa (Webmaster)
FTM3 / 1968-72